Thursday, July 8, 2010

Skinny Girl Cocktails!

So I work my pretty little ass of at the gym, and am still a fatty girl! So I've come to the conclusion that it's because I am a raging bitch... I mean, alcoholic. My belly comes from late nights full of Patron, Jack, BEER, and the occasional, ok it's not occasional, I'm a hungry beast when I'm drunk.

I decided to stop drinking. Um, yea... that only lasted 12 hours, actually 11 and a half. Naturally I blame others for aggravating me, thus, needing a drink... or 43. Being that stopping my late night benders is not an option, I've decided to come up with drinks that are low on calories. However am not able to help you or myself control the messy late night 'can barely walk, but can stuff my face with 3 slices' situations. I can only do so much people.

So after countless research, ok, all I did was google skinny girl drinks, eff you... this is what I found out...

Take shots!!! Perfect! Stay skinny, get fuckin faded!
Vodka, Gin, or other clears: 140 calories per 1 oz.
Whisky, Rum, Tequila, or other browns: 150 calories per 1 oz.
Brandy and Liqueurs: 150 calories per 1 oz.

Drink Wine!! Fuck that, that shit makes me emo, but for you wine-os!
Dry White Wine: 85 -150 calories.
Red Wine: 85-160 calories.
Blush: (if you drink this, just figure your life out)

TY KU- Low calorie Spirit! Low-Cal and Healthy!
Endless Summer: TY KU Liqueor, splash of Pomegranate juice: 92 calories.
The Sparkler: TY KU Soju, cucumber club soda: 92 calories.

And don't forget....
Sugar-free Redbull, tonic, club soda, and water are low-cal mixers!!

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