Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Blaaaaaaze!

Yea, so... I danced my pretty little ass off last Friday.... Just Blaze DJ's at Santos Party House on Friday nights... Jesus. I mean, every Jay song imaginable, boys, liquor, and I guess if you're into it a Reggae room downstairs. I don't know if it was the Jack mixed with Patron mixed with boys, but your girl was haaaaapppy! Mos def the spot on Fridays if you're in the city!

Enter The Mind Of Joe Budden

I've been fuckin with Joey since the beginning... So many people hate, and if you know me, I am so passionate about telling you why he's in my top 3. Don't get me started if I've had even a drop of Patron. I could go all night, and make enemies in the mist of it all. Joey!!!!! Hahahaha!
So it looks like he's got a book coming out- "Enter The Mind Of Joe Budden" Hmmm... could be interesting. He's on some super emo ish... and damn near psycho-needs to be in a padded room type shit. So if his deep, twisted, split-personality are any inclination on what the books gonna be like, I can't wait to cop it! Haters kick rocks!

Yea, you're gonna need to follow us on twitter @magentapspeakers !! And for extra fuckery.... follow me and Jen @itsnerissa_duhh and @therealestjen ... OR ELSE. In the meantime... check out a couple of my favorite tweets, or in other words, here's @damnitkia 's timeline... hahahahhaha!

@tastelessduo nail polish > niggas

@damnitkia If you like someone, treat them like shit to see if they can hang, lmao.

@damnitkia No you can't use my nail polish bitch!!! Just sit and admire my nails and be sad that yours are wack!!! (side note: fucking amazing... hahah)

@flypapercross Happy Valentines day to @itsnerissa_duhh ... great tits... can't wait to see you in child support court.

@bkcyph @itsnerissa_duhh You don't heart me, you just love my itunes. Smh.


Nothing is worse than a man pulling out a Magnum when that muther fucker doesn't need it. Men: if you don't have a large penis, come to terms with it. The first step is admitting it. Say it with me now, "I don't have a large penis, and do not need to use Magnums". As woman, we laugh at your ass when you pull out the gold and dont need it!

Thanks, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

If your cheap ass doesn't have cable.... ha!

Yo is fuckin amazing. So I have every channel but Showtime... so damn annoying because lots of dope shows of course are on Showtime... Weeds, Dexter, and the new L Word- The Real L Word which is a reality show full of lesbians!! Plus, if you happen to miss your show and don't have DVR, you can watch it in great quality and whenever you want. OR if your cheap ass doesn't have cable at all.... you're good. Thought I'd share with you cheapskates... Hahahah... Click on the top and get involved.

Entourage is back like a chiropract!

So the season premiere of Entourage was last night... they need to make this shit an hour long. 30 minutes is a tease. Well, of course the show was dope, as expected. Vince tries to switch up his image from laid-back nice guy to turned out bad boy by doing his own stunts in his new movie. E and Sloan are together.... powwww! Drama is a mess as usual, and can't get any rolls. Ha!
Turtle? Jesus. This muther fucker needs a stylist. I can't physically watch this fuckery anymore. Dude is a hip-hop, pot smoking, Queens native and wears some next level corny ish. What the fuck is Mark Wahlberg thinking? This ain't Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch days homie! The soundtrack is always super dope- old school Jay, Dead Prez, Common.... why can't the wardrobe be on point too?! Throw him in some Crooks or Rocksmith! Plus... that cot damn Kangol hat with the curved rim?! They really can't be serious. Completely unrealistic! Check the video below... no, no, no.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Interracial Jordans!! Powwwwww!

Infrared Jordan 6 in black and white!

Jammmmy Jam! J Cole, Wale, and Curren$y "Rather Be With You"

An entire song dedicated to what makes the world go round.... the yum yum!!!

I coulda done without Curren$y, not a big fan, however this track is dope!

Visual Intercourse- Miami

An appetizer for the mental extremist, cooked up by two inner-city anomalies.

Miami, FL (July 10, 2010)- ABSTRCT and DoTheLiteThing (Patrick DeAbreu) invite you to take a journey into the unique minds of two emerging artists thru a visually stimulating installation of lights, 3-D illusions, a vast array of colors, and interactive art. From the neon lights to the grit behind the scenes, Visual Intercourse presented by Stash Gallery offers a surreal display of common objects and familiar places with Miami serving as the inspiration.

Def can't miss this!

The ONLY time skinny dipping is unacceptable? When your suit is way too cute to take off!

This is on some late night rooftop jacuzzi and champagne type ish! SEXY! $40

Fuckin DOPE! Marc by Marc Jacobs $235

Rad! Not so rad tan lines! $112

Retro! $95

Download: Wale "Back To The Feature"

So yea... we all know mixtapes bang harder than albums and Wale is no exception... Him and 9th Wonder team up for the latest mixtape "Back To The Feature". The joint with J Cole "Rather Be With You" is my jam yo! Click the top for the download at

This shit is amazing... Wale and J Cole freestylin in Denny's! Muther fuckin powwww!

Gooosebumps! Jay and Em's performance on Letterman!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So you think you can freestyle?

Everybody wants to be a rapper, so let's see who can really hold their own!
Freestyle Session B-Boy Battle
Attention B-boys and girls! For the first time, Rock The Bells is partnering with the world-renowned Freestyle Session to bring you the 2010 Freestyle Session B-Boy Battle preliminaries at Rock The Bells! West coast and east coast preliminaries will be held at the LA and NY festival dates. You better hurry, spots are filling fast!
FSS West Coast Preliminaries Location: Rock The Bells @ NOS Events Center (San Bernardino, CA)Date: Saturday, August 21, 2010
FSS East Coast Preliminaries Location: Rock The Bells @ Governor’s Island (New York, NY)Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010
PRIZES:Winners at each event will receive Top 16 Birth at Freestyle Session 13 Year Anniversary (November 27th and 28th in Los Angeles) plus all expense paid trip to Freestyle Session13 and/or cash prizes.
HOW TO ENTER:Sign your crew up via email to: iamcros1@aol.comNote: All entrants must purchase tickets to enter festival grounds
For more info about Freestyle Session, check out

If you don't know.... Now you know

Since 2004, Rock the Bells has given all of the true hip hop heads a chance to embrace and live the music with an all day, hip hop concert event.
But with a downward spiraling economy RTB is only touching down 4 times this year so whatever moves you need to make, make em. This is an event not to be missed!
Don't be a slacker and wait until it's too late people...... Here are the locations and dates, let's get it in:
8/28/2010 NEW YORK, NY

My favorite...... The new Roots album "How I Got Over" drops...... New single "Dear God 2.0"........... Don't sleep on this people, it's ill

Yea you got a pretty face, but lemmee see your BOOTY!

So yea... between Kimmy Cakes, Joe Budden's ex Tahiry, and the chick in my building that I can't help but stare at her booty everytime I see her.... I stay on a mission to compete to be who Mos was talking about in "Ms Fat Booty". Squats, lunges, scream, repeat. Check out this booty workout... kinda puts a spin on the regular "I wanna slice my trainer" routine.
The Ultimate Butt Workout

Ohhhh shit.... my jammy has a video! On repeat: Miguel featuring J.Cole - All I Want Is You

Ut Ohhhhh.... J.Cole - "Who Dat" video dropped today