Monday, June 28, 2010

Entourage is back like a chiropract!

So the season premiere of Entourage was last night... they need to make this shit an hour long. 30 minutes is a tease. Well, of course the show was dope, as expected. Vince tries to switch up his image from laid-back nice guy to turned out bad boy by doing his own stunts in his new movie. E and Sloan are together.... powwww! Drama is a mess as usual, and can't get any rolls. Ha!
Turtle? Jesus. This muther fucker needs a stylist. I can't physically watch this fuckery anymore. Dude is a hip-hop, pot smoking, Queens native and wears some next level corny ish. What the fuck is Mark Wahlberg thinking? This ain't Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch days homie! The soundtrack is always super dope- old school Jay, Dead Prez, Common.... why can't the wardrobe be on point too?! Throw him in some Crooks or Rocksmith! Plus... that cot damn Kangol hat with the curved rim?! They really can't be serious. Completely unrealistic! Check the video below... no, no, no.

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