Monday, June 28, 2010

Yea, you're gonna need to follow us on twitter @magentapspeakers !! And for extra fuckery.... follow me and Jen @itsnerissa_duhh and @therealestjen ... OR ELSE. In the meantime... check out a couple of my favorite tweets, or in other words, here's @damnitkia 's timeline... hahahahhaha!

@tastelessduo nail polish > niggas

@damnitkia If you like someone, treat them like shit to see if they can hang, lmao.

@damnitkia No you can't use my nail polish bitch!!! Just sit and admire my nails and be sad that yours are wack!!! (side note: fucking amazing... hahah)

@flypapercross Happy Valentines day to @itsnerissa_duhh ... great tits... can't wait to see you in child support court.

@bkcyph @itsnerissa_duhh You don't heart me, you just love my itunes. Smh.

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