Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sexy ways to workout.... What more can I say...

We all need to go the gym and a toned body is where it's at.... So why not tone your body and learn how to do some sexy moves in the process..... I'm not saying go work at the local strip joint near you but wouldn't it be dope next time you're ready to get down, you've got a few new sexy moves to go with that ohhhhhh so sexy body......

Flirty Girl Fitness in Chicago

For $25 you can take an hour class on either pole dancing, pole tricks, lap dancing or sexy hip hop..... Now that's how you get a body in shape!!!

Pole Fitness Miami

For $30 you can take an hour class on either sexy chair dancing, hip hop pole biatch, pussy cat dolls or beginner twirl and climb..... I'm tellin you, we on that!

Exotic Dance Central, Inc. in NYC

For $25 you can take an hour class on either Exotica Dancing Diva, Jiggle it Wiggle it, Lap Dancing, Pole Tricks 101, Pole Spins or Strip Teaser..... I mean seriously ladies this is super dope and good for you!

Every lady needs to take a class or 25 and get up on the new sexiness that's out there.... This is way better than the elliptical and a hell of a lot more fun!

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