Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Summer!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! While everyone else is complaining about the "heat", I'm taking advantage of it! Rooftops are poppin and the drinks are flowin! In Miami we had pool parties... in NY we have rooftop parties.... fuckin dope yo! I decided to highlight a couple of my favorite outdoor spots to get messy at in the city...

135 N 5th at Bedford

Um yea, I fuckin LOVE this place. Right in the middle of Williamsburg, although not too hipstered out... Music is always dope (old school hip hop mixed with Regina Spektor.. serious powwwww!) drinks are strong, and their brunch is fucking amazing. They have an indoor garden as well as an ill rooftop with pretty people on it... aka BOYS!

Ava Lounge
210 W 55th St
So I found this place by mistake. I worked a liquor promo a couple weeks ago, and found this hidden gem. The rooftop has amazing views of the city and is filled with dope flowers and plants. Drinks are definitely strong (I was trashed, yes at the promo #dontjudgeme) and they have an actual grill out there cooking up burgers. Amazing.

Habana Outpost
757 Fulton St at South Portland Ave
Everyone knocks this place saying it's "not what it use to be". Well I don't know what it was then, but this place is perfect for a Sunday afternoon now. Block parties for the win yo! The margaritas are slammin and there is boys for daaaaays!!!!! And um, liquor and boys make me happy!

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