Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There ain’t no substitute for the truth... Either it is or it isn't.....

Heineken in one hand and a massive amount of thoughts flowing through my brain, yes, this seems like the perfect time to start blogging. Another sip and I’m ready to go.

First things first, this is the unedited, raw and uncut version of my life, my friends lives and all my random thoughts in between. I would like to censor myself but that seems like a lot of work so we are just going to keep it real. Yes, sometimes keeping it real goes wrong but shit, that’s just my life.

There will be plenty of drunken events and wild nights out; mini dresses and paten leather high heels, dunks and MTTM tees, boys and hopefully some men; relationships, serious and casual, and of course my love of hip hop and it's entire culture.

Fashion is a must and zebra prints and black nails are favorites. So sit back and enjoy the ride…… Let’s gooooo……..

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