Sunday, July 11, 2010


So I nearly jumped my ass right off the Brooklyn Bridge when I heard that Kweli and Gucci did a track together. It literally took me 3 days to prepare myself for the fuckery. The fact that Kweli would even think about entertaining this fool Gucci is some other shit. So 3 days of mourning pass, and I finally decided to face the problem. I warmed up by listening to the new Officer Ricky and Jay... another track I'd rather not have be subjected to hearing straight fuckery and then the illest shit out. SMH.

So on to the BK MC and the garbage juice track. Let me start by saying.... bahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahha! Yo Kweli destroyed this dickhead. This can't be a real track... I think Kweli got on the instrumental as a diss to Gucci and they "remixed" it. Fuckin hilarious! "You sound real old, get a walking stick... I know this might be awkward a bit ... really tho, ninja do you hear yourself? To me you can never compare yourself... You say you got a gun, but I dare you to pop it... clearly retarded, get dearly departed... there's fear in your heart- I'm a serious artist!" Wowwwwwwwwwwwww! And to be quite honest, Kweli sounds dope over a south beat... I love it! Gucci of course is coonery at it's finest.... but clearly a diss record. Check the track below.

Gucci Mane f. Talib Kweli - Poltergeist Rmx New Hip Hop Music & All The New Rap Songs 2010 HipHopDX

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