Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Believe The Hype!

Oh men! Between us faking orgasms, telling you you're the "best we ever had", and "no one hits it like you".... you muther fuckers are clueless. Ready for the inside scoop??

Every girl has a man that you will never come close to. You will never "hit it" like him, kiss like him, smell like him, walk like him, or even dress like him for that matter. When we tell you "no one fucks me like you do"... 9 times outta 10- we're lying. Simply amping up the sex at the moment to enhance the orgasm, or lack there of. That's another thing I'll get to in a minute. So what if you are THAT man? You'll never know because we make every one of you think you are the illest thing out. Ha! Don't believe the hype!

So back to the orgasm ... Um, we don't always cum like you think we do. Sorry boys, but you have to work to make us cum every time. And by that I don't mean fucking our brains out until we can't walk the next day. Half the time, that's why we fake the orgasm, to stop you guys from breaking our vaginas. Relax. Light some candles. Turn off the fuckin TV! Turn up the Marvin Gaye!

So the moral to the story... you have to try a little harder to be THAT dude.

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