Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miami > Cleveland, Chicago, New York!

Aw man, the suspense is intense yo. If Lebron makes the right moves, he could def earn a ring next season. Obviously Cleveland can't figure their lives out, so that isn't an option. So it's Miami, Chicago, or New York (that's just hilarious). I mean, the clear choice has got to be Miami... that's gonna take some getting use to. Hmmmm, Miami may get a little hotter, or in other words, tickets and parking for the games may go up 50%. Poww??

On a side note, is Miami seriously changing Dade County to Wade County?! That's just fuckery at it's finest. And to be quite honest, ghetto. They need to change that shit back immediately. I'll be rollin when Wade gets traded and these fools have "Miami-Wade County" tatted on their chests... hahahaha.... cause you know thats whats next. SMFH.

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