Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Baby's Got the Ace!

My friend dropped some knowledge on me and I'm going to bless you with his words of wisdom... Ladies pay close attention!

Is it time or attention that you want?

When I was first asked this, I replied, "Not sure what the difference is but I want both!" My homie laughed at me and then broke it down. So here's the scene...

I'm having a low key party at the house and my baby walks in the door. I'm playing a game of spades and he sits down next to me, kisses me and then...

What happens next will be the deciding factor on whether you want TIME or ATTENTION...

Scenario 1: He continues to enjoy the party and occasionally comes back to see how am I doing but doesn't overwhelm me with his presence. This is him giving me TIME.

Scenario 2: He stays right next to me the whole time and looks at my cards and says out loud, "My baby's got the Ace! Play that Ace baby. You got this!" This is him giving me ATTENTION.

I would have to smack you in the face, regularly, if this is the definition of attention. Attention is him smothering you and time is him showing face but not hovering over you all night. You choose what you can handle but I know I need time... Try to give me attention and that's a wrap!

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