Friday, August 6, 2010

You just turned me off...

Fellas listen up...

This that and the other happened and then we end up in bed together. He was just about to get lucky and then he does the unthinkable. He tries to get down without a condom. Really?! Are you fucking kidding me? Who even does that shit anymore?

I mean really guys, the first time we go to get down and you want to hit it raw, I definitely have to say... Ummmm noooooo. The most unattractive thing that a man can do is try to get down without a condom. Great that you trust me like that but I damn sure don't trust you.

This type of behavior can only lead me to assume that you are more than willing to stick it in anything, anytime, without a condom and that is disgusting. I am not willing to jeopardize my body for what may or may not be a pleasurable experience.

And fellas trust, every one of my girls I called to tell them this story all had the same response: "That's so fucking gross!"

So please fellas, keep a condom in your wallet or by your bed or wherever just in case you get lucky. Because I swear to G any respectable woman is going to have you strap one on. If she doesn't then run, immediately, because that chick is tainted with who knows what.

I'm just sayin... Sex without a condom is a privilege you earn, period.


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