Friday, August 27, 2010

I just can't

Really?! Just cause singing worked for Drake doesn't mean that it's going to work for everybody. I just can't. Clearly these guys have no real friends cause a real friend would tell you that this is unacceptable! So here's a little Cam'Ron and Snoop singing for ya..... At least Jim Jones sticks to rapping...... Ohhhhh and the title of the track "Yo Mamma on Ya". WTF?!

Miss J

So J, I had to get in on this too.... Man, I love me some Cam and Jim Jones.... I'm gonna go with thumbs up on this one. I always get shit for my Killa and Jimmy fetish... but the shit is entertaining as hell! Some people turn to Gucci for entertainment, I turn to Dipset. I mean, Jim Jones adlibs alone are fuckin great yo! The beat is on some smoothed out Cali shit.... I can dig it. Now of course the hook is fuckin as tragic as a hoodrat with 4 different baby father's.... but after a drink.... ::shrug::


Cam'ron Ft. Jim Jones & Snoop Dogg - Yo Momma On Ya

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