Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet'n Up The Bedroom Ladies!

Things feeling a little dull in the bedroom lately?! Come on ladies, you're better than that. Live a little... talk dirty... switch positions... SPICE IT UP! Check out these sweet ideas to turn it up!

Who needs diamonds when you have a purrrrty candy necklace?! Turn it into a edible garter and tell him to dig in. ;)

Oh em geeeee.... I use to LOVE these thingys! Take it back with candy buttons. Peel off the dots, lick the back then stick them to all the places you want your guy to pay extra attention to. He has to eat them off your body before you switch roles.

We all know where I stand with chocolate, it's always sexy. So throw some Hershey's in the microwave for 15 seconds and get it nice and hot... you know what to do now. Rub it in between those thighs, nipples... and well, get creative.

The rest is up to you, don't let the bedroom get dull or you risk the chance of your man getting sweet with someone else.



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