Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Greatest Rapper of All Time Died on March 9th

Yes people he died on March 9th and it was not his birthday. So yesterday a bunch of people got their facts completely wrong and start tweeting "Happy Birthday Biggie".
I mean reeeeeaaaaalllly.... This is unacceptable behavior.
All of you who jumped on the Happy Birthday Biggie bandwagon are now grounded until further notice! You are also never aloud to enter into a hip hop debate or say that they are a true hip hop fan! Understood?!?!

Biggie was and still is, one of the most influential rappers of all time. I miss the days of his storytelling rap where his lyrics painted us such a brilliant picture. So please show him a little more respect next year and on March 9th tweet to the world you miss him, RIP, or we'll always love big poppa, not Happy Birthday. This was definitely an epic fail people!

Here's what the real hip hop heads had to say to the "happy birthday biggie" twitter idiots....

Every time someone tweets "happy birthday Biggie" someone is dying in this world

CMONSON RT @hasdivinepowers: To everyone tweeting "happy bday biggie" it's actually the opposite of his birthday. Cmon son.

And everyone that tweet "Happy Birthday Biggie" .... your foolish, log out.

how you suppose to be a biggie fan && you saying happy birthday ?

i mean if you hate google so much, you coulda used BING RT @NesterDean: Happy birthday #biggie R.I.P.

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