Friday, November 19, 2010

Could you please put your panties back on?

A jump off really only has 1 job which is to have no strings attached great sex. Then the extra added bonus of being a jump off is that he gets to leave anytime after job 1 is accomplished. If you find the right person this can be a mutually beneficial situation and I thought that I had that. Clearly I was wrong.
So my "jump off" comes over the other night and I was expecting our usual type of evening. We are all over each other before he makes it in the door and it seems as though everything is going as usual. We finally make it to the couch and as we are starting to rip off our clothes this happens:
Him: "Baby I don't know."
Me: "I'm confused, what don't you know?"
Him: "Can you please put your panties back on?"
Me: Speechless...
Him: "Can we just lay here and watch that movie?"
Me: Still speechless...
So my "jump off" wants to lay down and watch a movie with no sex involved, what the hell is happening? I mean, this man has the easiest job in the world and somehow he still finds away to screw it up. Really?! I can't with all of this! Get out and only come back when you have learned how to play your position. I don't have the time or energy to begin to pretend that this is something that it's not. #epicfail
Xoxo, Samantha

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