Monday, November 1, 2010

Just like a kid in a candy store

Any time you walk into a sex store it's an adventure. I am just like a kid at Toys R Us; so overwhelmed by all the options I never know what I want (or I want it all). Unsure of what to get I came across the iBuzz Two. This is any music lovers dream come true.
The bullet plugs into your iPod and vibrates to the beat of the song and the louder you turn the music up the more intense the vibration. This lets you just lay back and very literally feel the beat. Ohhhhhlala...

So here are a few songs I thought about adding to my iBuzz playlist...

The Notoriuos B.I.G.- Fucking you tonight

Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye

Xoxo, Samantha

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