Friday, October 29, 2010

Say Hello to the bad guys...

Bye Bye LimeWire!

"As of today, we are required to stop distribution and support of LimeWire's P2P file-sharing service as a result of a court-ordered injunction," LimeWire CEO George Searle wrote yesterday on the company’s website. "Naturally, we're disappointed with this turn of events. We are extremely proud of our pioneering history and have, for years, worked hard to bridge the gap between technology and content rights holders. However, at this time, we have no option but to cease further distribution and support of our software. It's a sad occasion for our team, and for you — the hundreds of millions of people who have used LimeWire to discover new things."

Oh yes LimeWire we have discovered many new things, like how to not pay for any albums or movies, ever. You will be sadly missed by the consumers but I'm sure all the artists are excited. Maybe people will go back to buying albums to support the artists that we love (but somehow I doubt it)!

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