Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dope artwork by my man Kyle Thompson aka Steez...

Jae, $11.95

Love, $18

Lock & Load, $3,000

I live for this man. I love, love, love Kyle Thompson aka Steez. Here's the link to his displayed work at Jan Larsen Art Studio in Brooklyn, NY. (Brooklyn really does have all the ill stuff!) Look at the green pop art Biggie... My heart smiles when I see this one, it's dope and I really want it!


If you are like me and can't afford $3,000 plus for a painting on canvas then go with some of the prints and posters. His work is extra dope and super cheap (if you buy it as a print or poster)... What more can I say?!?! Oh yeah, you can thank me later for putting you up on Steez's artwork.


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