Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Restless Randomness

So, at the climax of my RLS (restless leg syndrome), which I have personally diagnosed myself with, due to the fact I can't effin sit still EVER, I have decided to write a blog to keep me company during my restless, sleepless nights. In turn, keeping you company while at work, on the train, or 5 am fighting sleep.

I'm was hoping to keep it G rated, however my life is so far from G rated that this will never work. I figure I'll just write about my random life and you'll just love it. Music tends to F me everytime I hear it, and if the shit's good, it results in climax. I have a feeling I'll be posting all my jammy jams being that I always kiss and tell when it's good.

I work in the fashion world, and my style is somewhat eccentric and at times scares my friends. So naturally fashion will be a huge part of this randomness. I rock sneakers with dresses, and randomly think leopard, bright pink, and silver leggings are ok. You will learn to enjoy this, and probably end up wanting to know where you can cop your very own pair.

Boys and liquor are always included in this random ridiculous. So Sex and the City won't have shit on my blog. I promise you this. Pretty boys and flashy sneakers with a shot of Patron!!

Let's get it in.

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