Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Uggs x Jimmy Choo = Winter Must Haves!

As winter begins and the first snow falls it's time to pull out my real winter clothes. No more pretending like it's not that cold because it is. I looked at my Uggs and realized it was time for a new pair. After last winter they had their fair share of wear and tear. So I went looking for a new pair and I found that Jimmy Choo and Uggs collaborated.
Personally I never found Uggs to be that cute. When I spent $250 on a pair that I thought was kinda ugly, I cringed a little but after a winter's long run with them they are a staple for my winter wardrobe.
Now these ones are must haves! They are so much better than the original versions. Sure they are going to cost you a pretty penny but I promise if you are anywhere that is cold these will keep you super warm and now in style!

(Side note: Love you Jen, but these are the UGGGGliest things I've seen in my life... they call em UGGGS for a reason... def can't co-sign these and wouldn't be caught dead in these UGGGlies... xoxoxox Rissacupcake)

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