Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lie to Me... If you think you can

After watching the show Lie to Me I was completely intrigued. This is a show based on the idea that all people have the same microexpressions or facial reactions to certain emotions. So immediately I went to Google and started researching microexpressions because if this was a real science then this could be a handy tool in life.

Turns out this is a real science and Dr. Paul Ekman has been working on it since 1960. He has countless books and even teaches workshops on learning to read microexpressions. Dr. Ekman says, "When people deliberately try to conceal their emotions (or unconsciously repress their emotions), a very brief–1/15 to 1/25 of a second– facial expression often occurs, invisible to nearly everyone. Despite efforts to conceal any sign of emotion that is felt, leakage may occur in very small hard to recognize fragmants of expression. These tiny changes also can occur when an emotion is just beginning, often before the person knows they are about to act emotionally."

So I am ready to learn all about how to become a human lie detector or at least learn if any of my boyfriends are lying to me. Powwwww........

Check out Dr. paul Ekman and his research here--->

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